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White Tapioca Tarts With Coconut Topping 椰丝白木薯塔

by Angie Liew
White Tapioca Tarts

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White Tapioca Tarts

White Tapioca Tarts with Coconut Topping: A Delectable Sweet Dessert 

White Tapioca Tarts with coconut topping is a traditional Nyonya Kuih that is popular in Malaysia and is enjoyed as a afternoon snack or as a sweet dessert. This tapioca tart is very unique as it uses our local tapioca to make. For these tapioca tarts, be sure to only use the white tapioca. Do not use the yellow tapioca to make these tarts as yellow tapioca is more sticky and difficult to shape.

White Tapioca Tarts

A Beginner Friendly Kuih That Is So Easy To Make 

White Tapioca Tarts with Coconut Topping is really an easy kuih to make. All that is required is some fresh white tapioca for the tart and freshly grated young coconut to be cooked in palm sugar for the topping. Start by cooking the coconut filling. First melt the aromatic palm sugar or Gula Melaka in some water. When the sugar is fully dissolved, add in the freshly grated coconut. Stir to mix and fry over low heat till the coconut becomes dry and is cooked through. Then remove to cool.

White Tapioca Tarts

Fragrant White Tapioca Kuih Topped with Fragrant Gula Melaka Shredded Coconut

Next, peel the skin off the tapioca and cut into small chunks. Remove the hard centre hard fibre of the tapioca. Put into a steamer and steam till soft and cooked. Remove remnant of hard fibre in the cooked tapioca. Then put into an electric mixer, add in sugar and a little salt and using low speed beat till a smooth dough is formed while gradually add in coconut milk. Add just enough coconut milk to form a smooth dough.

With a rolling pin, flatten the tapioca dough in between two sheets of plastic. Then using a cutter, cut into round shape dough and top with the aromatic coconut filling. Line the tapioca tarts with round banana leaves before serving. And we are done!

White Tapioca Tarts

Wow Your Guests With These Dainty Tapioca Tarts 

These dainty tapioca tarts are so delightful and lovely, both to the eyes and taste buds. So simple and quick to make and is great for gatherings and parties too. I am sure your guests will not have enough so be sure to make more for everyone to enjoy. It is such a delectable local Nyonya delight, so Enjoy!

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White Tapioca Tarts with Coconut Topping 椰丝白木薯

Recipe by Huang Kitchen, Angie Liew
White Tapioca Tarts with Coconut Topping is a traditional Nyonya Kuih that is popular in Malaysia. Enjoyed as an afternoon snack or as a sweet dessert, this tapioca tart is very unique as its made from our local tapioca.
Prep Time10 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes

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Servings: 40 tarts


  • Tart Cutter



  • 100 grams palm sugar, chopped (coconut sugar)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 4 tbsp water
  • 2 pieces pandan leaves , knotted
  • ½ grated coconut, white part
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cornflour


  • 600 grams white tapioca
  • 80 grams sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 60 ml santan, 60-90 ml

Lining Tarts:

  • 2 pieces banana leaves, cut into 5 cm rounds


    Preparing Coconut Filling:

    • Ingredients for tapioca tarts filling.
      Have ready ingredients needed to make tapioca tarts filling.
    • Slice palm sugar into pieces.
      Slice palm sugar into tiny pieces. Also knot pandan leaves.
    • Dissolve palm sugar.
      Then in a saucepan or pot, put in the palm sugar, water and pandan leaves. Stir and cook till palm sugar fully dissolved.
    • Place grated white coconut into a bowl. Then add cornflour and stir to mix well.
    • Add the grated coconut into the fully dissolved palm sugar mixture in the pot. Using low heat, stir and cook till the coconut is cooked through, well mixed and is dry.
    • Dish up and leave to cool. Using a teaspoon, form into small balls and set aside. Then prepare to make tapioca tarts.

    Preparing White Tapioca Tarts:

    • Have ready all ingredients to make the tapioca dough.
    • Peel, wash and cut tapioca into pieces.
      First peel, wash and cut tapioca into chunks. If possible, remove the centre hard fibre of the tapioca. Then place into a steaming tray.
    • Steam white tapioca
      Prepare steamer by bringing water to a rolling boil. Place cut tapioca into steamer steam over high heat for 45 minutes until very soft. Check for doneness with a fork.
    • Making tapioca dough
      Remove from steamer and immediately put the steamed tapioca into a bowl of an electric stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Beat the hot tapioca using low speed. While beating, add in sugar, salt and slowly pour in the coconut milk to form into a smooth and non sticky dough.
    • Cut banana leaves to line tarts
      Next, cut out some banana leaves into 5 cm small rounds for lining the tapioca tarts to be made.
    • Making tapioca tart
      Then, place the smooth tapioca dough on a sheet of plastic over a work tabletop. Divide the tapioca dough into 2 portions. Work on one portion first. Place another sheet of plastic over the dough and pressed well. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough into 0.5 cm thick.
    • Making tapioca tart base.
      We are now ready to shape the tart dough. First, brush the tart cutter with a little oil to prevent the dough from sticking to it. Then using the tart cutter, press down into the dough and cut the dough into round. Then line the round dough with the cut banana leave.
    • Fill the centre of dough with coconut filling.
      Continue to cut the dough into rounds and line with the cut banana leaves. Then, place a dollop of filling in the centre of each cut dough and our white tapioca tarts are done!
    • White Tapioca Tarts
      Great to serve them as a sweet dessert in any get together or gatherings. So Enjoy!


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  • If a cake mixer is not available, you can mash the cooked tapioca with a potato masher.
  • Use white tapioca to make these tarts instead of yellow tapioca as yellow tapioca is more sticky and may not be easy to shape into tarts.
  • When cooking the tart filling, use low heat to fry the grated coconut in the melted palm sugar. This will ensure that the coconut will not be burnt, is cooked through and will not turn sour and last for a longer period of time.
Course: Appetizer, Dessert, Snacks
Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian
Keyword: coconut, kuih

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