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Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes 紫薯月饼

by Angie Liew
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A Variation Of Traditional Baked Mooncakes: Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes 紫薯月饼

Mooncakes is a must have during the Mid Autumn Festival, which is also known as Mooncake Festival.  A variation of the traditional baked Mooncakes, this version of mooncakes uses purple sweet potatoes for its natural colour and earthy flavour.  These beautiful and fragrant Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes are sure to attract those who love sweet potatoes to try some!

Definitely A Must Try For Those Who Loves Purple Sweet Potatoes

The bright and unique purple colour of the sweet potatoes gives the mooncake a nice natural purple colour, making them such a pretty sight. The flesh of the sweet potato is mildly sweet and the texture is very soft and smooth, just perfect for making these petite mooncakes.


An Easy, No Bake Mooncake Recipe

As no baking is required for these Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes, this recipe is great for those who don’t have an oven or no-bake treats too. This is also a quick and easy, fuss-free mooncake recipe. 


Combination of Sweet and Savoury

Coupled with sweet lotus paste mixed with chicken floss filling, these mooncakes have a combination of sweet yet savoury taste. However, it is advised to make these mooncakes in small batches as they are best eaten fresh and more importantly chilled.

So Enjoy!


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Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes Recipe 紫薯月饼

Recipe by Huang Kitchen, Angie Liew
These Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes is a variation of traditional Mooncakes and uses purple sweet potatoes for its natural colour and earthy flavour. These beautiful and fragrant mooncakes are sure to attract those who love sweet potatoes to try some. No baking required too. A super quick and easy mooncake recipe to try. Enjoy!
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time30 minutes

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Servings: 20 pieces (50g each)


Mooncake Skin:

  • 200 grams purple sweet potatoes, skin removed
  • 260 grams glutinous rice flour, sieved
  • 30 grams sugar
  • 200 ml milk

Mooncake Filling:

  • 340 grams lotus paste
  • 80 grams chicken floss


    Preparing mooncake skin:

    • Cut potatoes into smaller pieces.
      Skin potatoes and cut into pieces. Place in a shallow plate.
    • Steam purple sweet potatoes.
      Steam the purple sweet potatoes for 15 -20 minutes on high heat till softened.
    • Fry glutinous rice flour till fragrant.
      Meanwhile place glutinous rice flour onto a pan and fry using low heat for 5 to 6 minutes till the glutinous rice flour turns slightly yellow and smell of fragrant rice.
    • Turn of heat and transfer to a bowl and set aside.
    • Leave steamed potato in a big bowl.
      Transfer the steamed and softened sweet potatoes into a big bowl.
    • Add sugar and press to mix the sweet potatoes into a paste.
    • Add milk and mix well
      Next, pour in the milk and mix well together with a pair of chopsticks.
    • Add in glutinous rice flour
      Then, add in the fried glutinous rice flour in batches, mixing well after each addition.
    • Form into a dough
      When the mixture becomes sticky, knead to form into a dough.
    • Cover and rest 20 min.
      Cover and set aside the dough to rest for about 20 minutes.
    • Divide purple dough into 30 g each
      Then divide the purple dough into 30g each and set aside.

    Making Mooncakes Filling:

    • Mix lotus paste with chicken floss
      Meanwhile, prepare the mooncake filling. Place lotus seed paste into a mixing bowl. Add in chicken floss and knead to mix well.
    • Divide paste into 20g each
      Divide the lotus seed paste into 20g each and set aside.

    Making Purple Sweet Potato Mooncakes:

    • Wrap lotus paste in purple dough
      Take a piece of purple dough, flatten and press in the middle. Put in the lotus paste ball.
    • Making mooncakes
      And roll into a ball. Repeat for the rest of the purple dough and lotus paste.
    • Making mooncakes
      Then roll the mooncake into a longer ball with the palm of your hands. This will make it easier to place into the mooncake mould.
    • Press into mould
      Then press firmly into a mould and unmould.
    • Unmould from mould
      And we are done! Repeat for the rest of the wrapped mooncake balls.
      These petite mooncakes can be served immediately or better still, chilled in the refrigerator before serving. Serve with hot chinese tea for a great experience. So Enjoy!


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Course: Dessert, Snacks
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese
Keyword: Mid Autumn Festival Mooncake, no bake
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