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Pickled Green Chillies (Asian Pickled Jalapenos) 腌制青辣椒

by Angie Liew
Pickled Green Chillies

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Pickled Green Chillies

A Popular Condiment Served with Various Asian Noodle Dishes

An asian version of pickled jalapenos, pickled green chillies are a very popular condiment served with many Asian noodle dishes. These pickled chillies are crunchy and has a hint of sour, sweet and mildly hot taste. They are a MUST have item not to be missed or replaced especially when serving dry or soup wanton noodles, cantonese fried noodles and other Asian dishes. These pickled chillies can be served on its own or with light soy sauce drizzled on.

Pickled Green Chillies

So Easy To Make, A Must Have Condiment In Your Refrigerator

This recipe for pickled green chillies is such a breeze to make and so easy to store. All you need are fresh green chillies, vinegar, sugar and salt. Mix them together in a glass container, leave aside preferably overnight and the pickled green chillies are ready for serving with your favourite dish the next day. The best part is, homemade pickled green chillies tastes so much fresher, crunchier and tastier than those store-bought without all the preservatives and other additives.

In fact, everyone should have a jar of this in their fridge at all times to enjoy with their favourite dish. As always, ENJOY!

Pickled Green Chillies (Asian Pickled Jalapenos) 腌制青辣椒

Pickled Green Chillies (Asian Pickled Jalapenos) 腌制青辣椒

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Pickled Green Chillies (Asian Pickled Jalapenos) 腌制青辣椒

Recipe by Huang Kitchen, Angie Liew
A popular condiment served with many Asian noodle dishes. Crunchy with a hint of sour, sweet and mildly hot taste, these pickled green chillies are such a breeze to make!
Prep Time15 minutes
Cook Time2 hours
Total Time2 hours 15 minutes

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Servings: 10 people


  • 250 grams green chillies, cut into 2mm slices
  • 150 grams sugar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 300 ml vinegar, adjust according to size of jar used


    • Wash and drain chillies.
      First, wash the fresh green chillies and drain well.
    • Cut into slices.
      Using a sharp knife, cut the green chillies at an angle into thick slices.
    • Shake off seeds.
      Place the sliced green chillies in a colander and shake out the seeds of the chillies.
    • Blanch the cut green chillies.
      Place in a large bowl and pour very hot water over the chillies. Blanch briefly for about 15 seconds.
    • Rinse in cold water.
      Then quickly pour the green chillies onto a strainer and rinse with cold water to cool the chillies. Set aside to drain well.
    • Place chillies in a jar.
      Next, place the drained green chillies in a glass jar.
    • Prepare vinegar mixture.
      In a big measuring cup, dissolve sugar and salt in vinegar.
    • Pour vinegar mixture.
      Then, pour the vinegar mixture into the jar of green chillies.
    • Cover tightly.
      Cover the jar tightly and keep refrigerated to pickle the chillies.
    • Pickled Green Chillies
      The pickled chillies are ready after 2 hours (best overnight) when you see the colour of the chillies turning yellowish green. And we're done!
    • Pickled Green Chillies
      Serve with your favourite noodle dish and enjoy!


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Soaking the green chillies in vinegar and sugar gives the pickled chillies a hint of sour, sweet and mildly hot taste, which is a signature of all pickled green chillies.
Try to use a good quality rice vinegar to pickle the green chillies.
Feel free to increase the quantity of pickled chillies to make according to your needs.
Course: Condiment, Sides
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Malaysian

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Gary Wu October 3, 2022 - 5:58 pm

5 stars
One question.
Can you reuse the brine after you have finished eating the pickled chilli?

Angie Liew October 14, 2022 - 4:51 pm

Not advisable as we can’t guarantee the acidity level once it has been absorbed by the chillies and refrigerated for a period of time. Best to use fresh brine.

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