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Steamed Matcha Muffins (Green Tea Huat Kueh) 绿茶发糕

by Angie Liew
Steamed Matcha Huat Kueh (Green Tea Steamed Muffins)

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Steamed Matcha Huat Kueh (Green Tea Steamed Muffins)

Steamed Green Tea Huat Kueh, Chinese Matcha Muffins 绿茶发糕

Steamed Chinese Matcha Muffins (Green Tea Huat Kueh 绿茶发糕) is a light, fluffy and pillow soft rice cake. As the name implies, it is steamed instead of baked. The process and duration of making these rice cakes may be slightly longer, however the end results are definitely satisfying.

Steamed Matcha Huat Kueh (Green Tea Steamed Muffins)

Soft and Fluffy Steamed Rice Cakes, Filled with Fragrance of Green Tea and Pandan

These otherwise simple steamed rice cakes (Huat Kueh 发糕) are made special with addition of matcha (green tea) powder. The green tea powder gives the rice cakes a unique rich and refreshing look and taste as well as sweetness. The green tea flavour is apparent but not overpowering. The aroma is further enhanced with a touch of pandan flavour in it.

A definitely delicious Huat Kueh recipe to try at home! As usual, enjoy!

Steamed Matcha Huat Kueh (Green Tea Steamed Muffins)



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Steamed Matcha Muffins (Green Tea Huat Kueh 绿茶发糕)

Recipe by Huang Kitchen, Angie Liew
Steamed Matcha Chinese Muffins (Huat Kueh) 绿茶发糕, a delicious steamed delicacy. Soft and fluffy steamed rice cakes, filled with the signature fragrance of matcha green tea.
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Total Time47 minutes

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Servings: 25 rice cakes


  • 250 gram cooked rice, cold, 1 rice bowl
  • 1 piece sweet wine yeast, 1 tsp, crushed to crumbs
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2 tbsp water

To make rice cake batter

  • 500 gram rice flour
  • 30 gram Tapioca flour
  • 250 gram sugar
  • 600 ml pandan water

To add to batter

  • 1 tbsp green tea powder
  • 2 tsp eno powder, fruit salt


    • Prepare sweet wine yeast.
      Put a piece of sweet wine yeast into a plastic bag and crushed/pound till fine.
    • Prepare ingredients to ferment rice.
      Place cooked rice to cool in a casserole and prepare other ingredients needed to ferment the rice.
    • Ferment rice.
      Sprinkle the pounded sweet wine yeast on top of the rice followed by sugar and water. Mix well. Cover and leave to ferment for 48 hours (2 days) at room temperature.
    • Make pandan/screwpine juice.
      Meanwhile make pandan juice by blending pandan leaves and water. Strain the juice and top up with more water to 600ml.
    • Blend fermented rice with pandan juice.
      When ready, blend fermented rice with about 1 cup (250ml) of the pandan juice. Then pour in the balance 350ml and mix well with blended rice.
    • Have ready flour ingredients.
      Then have ready the dry ingredients to make the batter. Be sure to sift the rice and tapioca flour.
    • Mix the rice flour, tapioca flour and sugar in a large bowl. Add blended rice mixture into the flour mixture. Stir until it becomes a smooth batter. Then strain the batter into a clean pot.
    • Cover and continue to ferment.
      Cover and leave to ferment further for another 11 hours.
    • Have ready ENO and Matcha Powder.
      Next, have ready ENO (fruit salt) and green tea powder.
    • Add eno and matcha powder.
      After fermenting for 11 hours, add in green tea powder and ENO. Stir to mix well. Immediately transfer the matcha batter into a measuring cup for ease of pouring into steaming cups. Pour batter into lined steaming cups until 90% full.
    • Steam the muffins.
      Place filled steaming cups in prepared steamer. In batches, steam the batter in steaming cups over high heat for 15 minutes in a covered wok. And we're done!
    • Steamed Chinese Matcha Muffins
      Remove from heat and leave to cool. Then remove the lined rice cake from the steaming cups. Cool before serving with a cup of hot chinese tea or roasted green tea and Enjoy!


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Course: Desserts, Snacks
Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Malaysian
Keyword: Chinese, huat kueh, matcha, steamed cake

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