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Claypot Bean Curd 瓦煲豆腐

by Angie Liew
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A Classic Favourite Claypot Delicacy: Claypot Bean Curd 瓦煲豆腐

Claypot Bean Curd or Claypot Tofu is a popular home cooked dish in most Chinese homes. It is also a MUST order dish in Chinese seafood restaurants. It is usually cooked and served in a claypot in restaurants. You can also cook it in a wok or pan and served on a normal plate if claypot is not available at home. However, nothing match the aroma and taste when cooked in a claypot, as it adds an extra earthy aroma and makes for a more tender and flavourful bean curd dish.


An Amazingly Flavourful Bean Curd Recipe, A Must Try Recipe For Tofu Lovers

Claypot Bean Curd is super easy and quick to cook. Just cut bean curd into smaller pieces and deep fry till golden brown. Then in a simple combination of assorted vegetables, meat, prawn and mushrooms, cooked them in a rich, flavourful and thickened sauce. When done, serve it piping hot in a claypot with equally piping hot steamed rice. The mildly flavoured bean curd tends to soak up the sauce that is full of flavour. Hence, making this claypot bean curd dish extremely earthy, juicy and flavourful.


Claypot Bean Curd Recipe - Topped with Egg - Huang Kitchen

A Great Wholesome One-Pot Dish

Lastly, cooking this dish in a claypot makes it kind of really special. It not only adds an extra earthy aroma to the dish, it makes the food a lot more appealing just because it cooked and served in a claypot. It certainly makes a great one-pot dish for the family or even for one person as this claypot bean curd dish is extremely wholesome with a bit of everything from meat, seafood to vegetables.

As always, Enjoy!


Claypot Bean Curd Recipe - Enjoy With Steamed Rice - Huang Kitchen

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Claypot Bean Curd 瓦煲豆腐

Recipe by Huang Kitchen, Angie Liew
A popular claypot delicacy, Claypot Bean Curd 瓦煲豆腐 is amazingly flavourful. Makes a great one pot dish. This beancurd dish is so easy and quick to cook too!
Prep Time20 minutes
Cook Time10 minutes

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  • 4 blocks beancurd, semi firm
  • 100 grams roasted pork, sliced into bite size
  • 100 grams prawns, medium size, shelled
  • 4 mushrooms, soaked
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • 5 slices ginger, young ginger
  • 1 red onion, cut into wedges
  • 50 grams carrot, sliced into florets
  • 50 grams snow pea, trim to remove tough fibre on sides


  • 1 tbsp oyster sauce
  • 1 tsp light soy sauce
  • ¼ tsp salt
  • ¼ tsp ground white pepper
  • 150 ml water


  • 1 tsp cornflour
  • 2 tbsp water


    Preparing Ingredients:

    • Ingredients for the dish
      Have ready all ingredients for the dish.
    • Rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms
      First, rehydrate some dried shiitake mushrooms. When soft, drain well.
    • Mince garlic.
      Then minced some garlic.
    • Remove skin from ginger and then slice into thin pieces.
    • Cut big onion into wedges.
      Cut big onion into wedges.
    • Cut carrot into florets
      Also, cut carrot into florets
    • Clean and trim the honey peas (snow peas). Cut at an angle on both ends of the snow peas and pull out the tough string that runs along its side.
    • Cut roasted pork into thick pieces.
      Next, cut roasted pork into thick pieces (about 2 cm) and set aside.
    • Devein fresh prawn
      Remove shell and devein fresh prawns.
    • Marinade prawn with salt and sugar
      Then marinade the cleaned prawns with a little salt and sugar.
    • Rinse bean curd and cut into cubes.
    • Deep fry bean curd
      Then in a wok, add oil and turn heat to high. Add the bean curd in batches and deep fry till golden brown.
      In a wok, add 100 ml of oil and turn heat to high. Shake off the excess flour and slowly add the tofu in small batches to deep fry until golden brown.
    • Drain on paper towel
      Transfer the fried bean curd on a strainer line with kitchen towel to drain off excess oil and set aside.
    • Mix all seasonings
      Then in a bowl or measuring jar, add in all ingredients for the sauce (seasonings) and set aside.
    • Make cornstarch solution
      Lastly, mix cornstarch with water as thickening for the gravy. And we are ready to cook the bean curd.

    Cooking Claypot Bean Curd:

    • Heat oil, fry garlic and ginger.
      To cook claypot bean curd, first heat up 1 tbsp oil in claypot. Saute chopped garlic, onions and sliced ginger until aromatic.
    • Add prawn, roasted pork
      Then add in marinated prawns, roasted pork and soaked mushrooms. Stir fry briefly.
    • Add vegetables
      Next, add in the carrots and then the honey peas. Add the snow peas last to keep it crunchy. Fry for about 5 minutes.
    • Pour in seasonings
      Next, pour in the sauce for the seasonings and stir well.
    • Add fried bean curds
      Then add in the deep fried bean curd and stir gently to mix well. Be careful not to break the bean curd while stirring. Cook for another 2 minutes. Bring the sauce to a boil.
    • Thicken with cornstarch solution
      Then thicken the sauce with cornstarch solution.
    • Cover the claypot and remove from heat.
      Cover the claypot and remove from heat. The claypot bean curd is ready to be served.
    • Claypot Bean Curd
      Serve in the claypot and garnish with an egg and with a bowl of steaming hot rice.


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This dish can also be cooked using an ordinary wok or pan if claypot is not available.
When cooked in a claypot, the food inside the pot loses very little moisture as it is surrounded by steam creating a tender and flavourful dish.
Choose bean curd (tofu) that is soft to slightly firm. You can choose any type of bean curd from white bean curd to Japanese Egg bean curd. 
Do not cook the vegetables for too long as they  will become too soft, turn mushy and dull. This is especially so for the honey peas (snow peas) to retain its crunchiness.
Add the cornstarch solution and mix with the vegetables in batches till you get the right consistency. The sauce will be too thick and gooey if you add too much cornstarch solution.
Course: Main
Cuisine: Chinese
Keyword: beancurd, claypot, tofu

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