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Steamed Caramel Cupcakes
    Servings Prep Time
    24cupcakes 30minutes
    Cook Time
    Servings Prep Time
    24cupcakes 30minutes
    Cook Time
    Wet Ingredients:
    Dry Ingredients:
    Steaming Equipment:
    Cooking Caramel:
    1. Over low heat, gently boil sugar in a saucepan until it melts completely and turns golden brown in colour. Then add in water and margarine into the caramel.
    2. Continue to cook, stirring till mixture thickens. Then, set aside and allow syrup to cool.
    Prepare Dry Ingredients:
    1. Place all dry ingredients together and sieve into a bowl. Set aside while you prepare the wet ingredients.
    Prepare Wet Ingredients:
    1. Beat eggs with a whisk. Then pour in fresh milk and add vanilla essence. Stir well till combined.
    Making steamed cupcakes:
    1. Start by making the batter. First, mix in cooled caramel into the WET egg mixture. Then mix in the DRY flour mixture. Continue to add alternately in 3 batches until a smooth batter is formed.
    2. Strain the batter into a measuring cup for easier pouring into cupcake moulds.
    3. Pour batter into silicone or plastic moulds till 3/4 full. Arrange in steamer and steam over HIGH HEAT for 15 to 20 minutes.
    4. Remove the steamed cupcakes from steamer and leave to slightly cool on wire rack. Then unmould from silicone moulds and steamed caramel cupcakes are ready to be served.
    Recipe Notes

    Use heat resistance cupcake moulds. Lightly butter or oiled cupcake moulds before pouring in batter. If silicone cupcake moulds are used, then there is no need to butter the moulds.

    Be sure to use a heavy based pan to cook the sugar and use very low heat to avoid burning the caramel. Immediately remove from heat when caramel turns golden brown in colour.

    Be careful when pouring in water into hot caramel as the liquid may splatter.

    Straining the batter ensure a smooth texture for the steamed cupcakes.


    Learn To Cook In Minutes! www.huangkitchen.com